CCSD93 Expect Respect

  • All of CCSD93's elementary and middle schools employ Expect Respect, the expectation that individuals treat one another respectfully at all times as part of PBIS. It's supported by a series of strategies that students are taught to use to advocate for themselves and classmates if they encounter or witness disrespectful behaviors from peers, or if they exhibit disrespectful behaviors themselves.

    To help spread the word of Expect Respect, CCSD93 has compiled an Expect Respect Student Leadership Team, which meets regularly and is comprised of student leaders from every school who applied to join the Team.

    Together the members of the Team have brainstormed methods to trumpet Expect Respect into CCSD93’s community. They've developed posters describing Expect Respect strategies and have taken them to community locations, working with businesses and organizations to display them prominently. Among the locations you can find them are St. Luke's Catholic Church, Dr. Kim Dubovik-Battisto's Dentist Office, Chick-Fil-A, Carol Stream Public Library, Chrissy's, Rockin' Jump, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, and St. Isidore Catholic Church.

    Previously, the Expect Respect Student Leadership Team also presented the Expect Respect strategies to the Rotary Club of Carol Stream to further raise community awareness. The students will continue to meet and work to spread the word of Expect Respect. They'll soon be developing videos that they are hoping to have play on local public access channels!